What is the Down to Earth project?

In a nutshell, we believe a relationship centred and meaningful, outdoor experiences have the potential to change people’s lives… we do this through innovative and inclusive approaches such as creating remarkable buildings with natural materials, award-winning learning & well-being programmes and also through adventure activities from our 2 hand-built centres on the Gower

It just so happens that being outdoors and actually doing sustainability is great for increasing quality of life and well-being. As well as helping you feel better about yourself, it acts as a stepping stone for re-engaging in learning through appropriate methods.
We try new things and sustainability is embedded throughout our entire approach. We offer a solutions-based approach and try to inspire change in the people we work with.



We offer remarkable adventures on the stunning Gower peninsula! We offer activities such as rock climbing, coasteering, abseiling, rock climbing, residential visits, and more!


Down to Earth uses traditional and sustainable building methods to offer fully accessible and inclusive commercial construction projects: Timber framing, straw bale building, earth building, as well as dry stone walling.

Learning and well-being

We only offer innovative, high-quality programmes with very high staffing ratios to ensure the diverse needs of our groups can be supported. With specialist training, therapy courses food growing & outdoor cooking. We have lots to offer.

For more information about The Down to Earth Project, go to www.downtoearthproject.org.uk